Oh goodness…but I’m trying to be healthy


At work, I see sad things almost every day.

I work at a call center (right now I train in a classroom equivalent to what you’d see in a high school…except with spinny chairs and computers that run on Windows XP), and someone came in and talked to us, saying that over 75% of people who work in this company are overweight/obese. 

How sad is that fact. It gets worse:

Every day, the place I work at has a Chinese food buffet from the Chinese place around the block, $4 bucks for three items, 5 for four items. The place I work at also promotes healthy living and healthy food and exercise, and will offer you up to $500 dollars ($100 if you’re not on their insurance) if you take surveys and get yourself checked out at a doctor. People there don’t listen. I see all of these morbidly obese people walking away with a huge ass tray of Chinese food. Very rarely do I see a skinny person eating a well balanced lunch.

It hurts for some people there to walk. It’s even harder for them to even sit down and use the restroom without being short of breath. There are nurses who pick them up in minivans. It appalls me to see it. 

So it has inspired me to eat a little healthier and in smaller portions. We got sugar free Oreos, rice cakes, and next time we shop I want to get more multigrain/wheat stuff.

And vegetables and fruits. And other healthy various things, if it doesn’t  kill my bank account. Yikes.

Here’s to healthier living.






I don’t understand the training staff at my job.

I’m only in my second week and I haven’t learned a god forsaken thing.

The instructors tend to skim over the important shit and go over stuff we don’t need to know FOR TWO HOURS. Why.
Who does that? All of this class time is useless because NOTHING in it is purely hands on. It’s just looking at a proxy and listening to the instructors blab and blab and blab and sdflaksdfhlsdhflksjdhf

To make it worse, one instructor talks super fast and with a southern accent. Not saying Southern accents aren’t cool, but this lady talks like her life depends on it.

See, I’m going to be working at a call center, aka FIA Card Services, meaning I’m going to be handling people’s money ten hours a day.

People’s credit cards.

Should be fun. I already have customer service experience, but only with talking to people face to face and not over the phone. I suspect that it *should* be somewhat easier, but I’m doing a lot more than just talking to them….I’m handling their money..thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Fun fun fun.

Tomorrow should be more of the same.

Siblings: Your first best friends.

Running: I hate it.

But today, my boyfriend convinced me to go out running on the Rail Trail today, and it was a mile and a half up and a mile and a half back, for a total of three miles. The trail was covered in ice and snow from last week’s snowstorm, yet I didn’t even slip once. Mind you, I hadn’t really ran since high school marching band, so I’m totally out of shape and not used to any sort of physical activity. I got tired really quickly, so I went at a steady pace while my already athletic-y boyfriend is just going along and not getting tired whatsoever.

So it’s not even like ten minutes in and I already have a stitch in my right side, but I kept going. We went a mile and a half and I will admit, it went rather quickly.

Going back, I wanted to fall down and die, because I thought it was just too much.

Towards the end of our run, however, I don’t know what got into me, but I just felt this weird rush, and I saw the ‘finish line’ (just a small gate, really) and started to run faster. I ran past my boyfriend, and by the look on his face, he was absolutely shocked. So for the last few yards, I pushed myself (no idea how) and I finished the run.

Usually after any physical activity, my knee starts to hurt and it becomes hard to walk. Today, that didn’t happen. Maybe I’ll do this a little bit more often when it gets nicer out. Today it just happened to be over 50 degrees outside.

I topped it off with a smoothie.